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Level 1 Lessons

Welcome to Coda Guitar’s Level 1 Lessons. Here you can learn all the skills and techniques needed to play songs at beginner level, and is aimed at guitarists with on average 6 months experience, alongside those guitarists wishing to improve their general technique.

This is the most detailed learning method online and best of all it’s free!

Free Guitar Video Lesson ScreenshotAt Level 1 you will learn how to develop scales and riffs, chords and progressions and more. These lessons will provide you with the techniques and knowledge to further develop your playing in the Songs section, where you can learn using Coda Guitar’s exclusive song series.

The Level 1 Lessons continue directly on from the Beginner Lessons and are split into Technique and Music Elements.

The Level 1 Technique lessons cover:

  • Effective Chord Changing

  • Off Beat Strumming Patterns

  • Riff Playing Using Higher Fretted Notes

  • Hammer Ons, Pull Offs and Trills (Legato)

  • Lead Techniques - String Bending and Slides

  • Palm Muting

Free Guitar Video Lesson ScreenshotThese Technique lessons offer detailed demonstrations and exercises covering the best way to play the guitar, and will guide you towards a good playing technique, steering you away from common learning pitfalls.

The Level 1 Music Elements cover:

  • 5 Note Pentatonic Scales

  • 7 Note Major and Minor Scales

  • Riffs and Improvisation

  • Open Chords (Major, Minor and 7th)

  • Note Names on the Higher Frets

  • Sharps, Flats and Natural Notes

These Music Elements lessons provide you with the knowledge to be able to play songs at Level 1, and show you how to use the skills learned in the technique lessons in a musical way.

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