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Level 4 Lessons

Welcome to Coda Guitar’s Level 4 Lessons. Here you Coda Guitar lesson screenshotcan learn all the skills and techniques needed to play songs of intermediate levels or difficulty, and is aimed at guitarists with on average 18 months to 2 years experience, alongside those guitarists wishing to improve their general technique.

This is the most detailed learning method online and best of all it’s free!

Coda Guitar lesson screenshotAt Level 4 you will learn how to develop existing skills and learn new ones, helping you progress towards more advanced playing. These lessons will provide you with the techniques and knowledge to further extend your playing in the Songs section, where you can learn famous commercial tracks alongside our exclusive song series.

The Level 4 Lessons continue directly on from the Level 3 Lessons and cover the following areas:
•    How to play Octaves
•    Example Octaves riffs
•    16th Note Syncopation
•    Fretting Hand Muting for riffs
•    Major Triads with example progressions
•    Minor Triads with example progressions
•    Two Hand Tapping using the Natural Minor scale

These lessons offer detailed instruction with exercises covering the best way to play the guitar, and will guide you towards a good playing technique, steering you away from common learning pitfalls. They will also provide you with the knowledge to be able to play songs at Level 4, and show you how to use new skills in a musical way.

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